21 August 2007

Monaco panorama

This is a 16 mega pixel stitch of Monaco, taken from a wheelchair viewing area.

Monaco panorama

16 August 2007

Photo used in online publication

I just got an e-mail from an online publication re the use of one of my pictures in their article! I'm always stoked about something like this. The picture is one I took of a kid in Nicaragua in the Granada islands area. He was one of the sons of the tour operator.

Here is a link to the article, it's in Spanish, but it talks about how a study conducted by Stanford university showed that post traumatic stress during childhood makes people more vulnerable to stress, anxiety or depression later in their lives.

Capture of article page (can't be buggered cropping it :-):

What is Ben smiling about?

Can you find it? Click on image for larger version (or here for the answer, you cheat).

13 August 2007

Die-al up

Since I've been in Australia, I've been cruising on the Internet at dial-up speeds. It is so awesome. I love it. In the near future you'll see the execution of a 56k modem once I 'get back up to speed'.

From Australia

I'm currently in Australia (Loxton, to be precise) after making an emergency trip from the States for my Grandpa's funeral. As far as funerals go, it was awesome. What was even more awesome is that we drank the club, where refreshments were served after the funeral, out of port. I contributed in no small way to that. Of course, my love of port comes from Grandpa himself and his influence on me when I grew up with him as a kid. Many frequent trips were made by him to the stash of flagons out by the shed, and every now and then I guess I'd try a sample of the Tawny as well (Tawnys made by Penfolds, Yalumba or Seppelts are a good start). Good times. (-:

I also have to renew my Visa on this trip, so I'm about to head to Melbourne to do that this week. If I haven't seen you yet, I wasn't able to catch up with you this trip, maybe next time.

I didn't bring my camera kit this time around, but the good ol' point-and-shoot was able to satisfy my shutter-bug needs. The two photos below were taken here in Loxton down by the Loxton Riverfront Caravan Park.

Murray River Sunset

Murray River Sunset