01 December 2008

It's a damselfly, not a dragonfly.

This post was wrong. I was surfing Wikipedia and found that a damselfly's wings run parallel to its body. A dragonfly's wings are perpendicular, like on the one I found out the front of our place a while ago:


07 November 2008

Peru photos - part three - Cusco!

Here are the photos from the Cusco region of Peru, which includes Cusco itself, surrounding ruins and towns and of course, Machu Picchu.

Link to photo set.

Machu Picchu HDR
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26 October 2008

Peru photos - part two - Ica!

Here are photos from the region of Peru called "Ica", which includes the coastal sites of Paracas and the Nazca lines.

The set is here.

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Spider deja vu
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25 October 2008

Peru photos - part one - Lima!

Photos and some videos taken in and around Lima are now online in Flickr. There are more to come from Ica (Nasca lines) and Cusco (many Inca ruins).

Click here to visit the set.

Indian Market
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Rainbow fountain
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08 September 2008

Berklee music project

For my latest online Berklee music course, we had to create background music and effects for a movie scene out of a video game. I did mine for a scene from Aeon Flux. Here 'tis, with the music track only...

07 September 2008

Little dragonfly

Little dragonfly
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This little guy was hanging off a Staghorn leaf just outside our place.

19 July 2008

Brown Anole

Brown Anole
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Another example of the critters found around where I live. This one would return every night to the same spot to rest. For scale, the head would be a little under 1cm long.

13 July 2008

Kiss me

Kiss me
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This was out on our terrace the other day. I have no idea what species of frog this is, somewhat due to the tail protrusion.

Australia trip photos

These have been up for a while now, but for relatives who do still check this page (mum), here is the link:

15 May 2008

Spiny Orb-weaver

Spiny Orb-weaver
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Am I tempting fate by wanting to take photos of spiders?

23 January 2008

Funeral picketing

I would like to see them try... just to see their arses get kicked. Although you have to wonder if they know how far away Australia is, or even where it is, or even if they realise it will be there *rolls eyes*.

04 January 2008

Time for an update, eh?

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year break. I made the mistake of attempting to work during that time, and was not as successful as I would have liked. Since this has turned into more of a photo blog rather than random musings/bitchings (stated right after a bitching post), here are some photos.

Trip to Washington, D.C.

My last birthday in the 20s.