02 August 2010

I am: blue glow-stick guy

I am: blue glowstick guy

Seen at the Hybrid DJ set at Revolution, downtown Ft Lauderdale.

Honeymoon photos - Venice, Bologna, Perugia

This last post regarding the honeymoon covers the couple of days we spent in Venice, and the subsequent drive down to Perugia via Bologna.

We found Venice to be amazing, and loved wandering around the maze of buildings and water, not really caring when a dead-end was encountered. One of the very first things we checked off the list of things-to-do was a gondola ride:

Gondola ride

Gondola ride

We discovered early on that the quality of the food was inversely proportional to the view offered, so a view for lunch like the one below resulted in pretty terrible food.

Taxi boat

Wandering around the streets, we came across some pretty amazing things, like this outdoor classical music performance.

Outdoor performance

While the first day was spent walking around getting lost in backstreets, the second was spent navigating the ferry system and hopping from island to island. We visited Murano to see the glassmakers. The following video shows how a glass horse is made.

Pink glass lamps were everywhere.

Pink glass

We explored Murano, visited Lido (and bumped into some friends while there, which floored me at the time), and took a night stroll around Venice where I got the opportunity for some night shots, like this one:

Night view

We then drove down to Bologna and had a fantastic lunch, spending some time admiring the medieval architecture. We spent that night in Perugia (Baci chocolate!) and the next day encountered some sort of Catholic procession moving through the town square. Notable about this was the large Jesus-figure made out of sand and rose petals:

Perugia procession

We finally made our way back to Rome for our flight back to the US. We were exhausted at the end, but it was such a fantastic trip and have many memories from it, and again we thank everyone who contributed towards it.

There are a bunch more photos that I couldn't include here, this would have been a massive post if I tried to. The flickr link for the set is here.