29 August 2005


I honestly could not think of anything more appropriate than the above title. Honestly.

Yes, Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas got hit by hurricane Katrina last week, which meant we got Thursday and Friday off of work! Of course, that didn't really mean you could do anything... it was too dangerous to go outside not only because of what might be lying around, but because a lot of traffic lights were out and that's just scary.

Katrina grew up and is now going to turn New Orleans into the next Atlantis or something. I hope they hold out alright because that place is awesome.

Car. Stupid car. I still haven't got my car. I have insurance for the car, but no car. There is a hold up in getting the leasing company for the previous owner to get up off their arses and cash the damn cheque so I can receive the title to the car. That may take over another week yet!

Apart from that I am settling into my new apartment and finding the joy that is a couple of hundred TV channels. Actually, I really only like a couple of them, they being the independent film channel and comedy central. There are a couple of others that have the odd interesting thing on here and there. My flatmate knows the channels off by heart pretty much. Convenient yet scary.

Well, it seems this week I'm actually gaining some of my energy back. I've been utterly exhausted recently as has been shown by the lack of posting, but that's probably also in part due to the fact I have no internet connection at home yet.

Anyway this was just a quick post to prove that I am sort of still alive. And Goldberg, yes, at some point I will take a listen.

24 August 2005

Here we go again

Righty, another storm looks like it's going to hit here. Whether it will be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall is another story, however from the brief visit to the Target store I just made I could plainly see that some people were in a state of hysteria again. It was all "hurricane this... hurricane that" at the cash registers and people were stockpiling big time.

Onto other interesting things, there was a discussion with my lunch group regarding gay marriage and whether it should be allowed or not. The discussion got very heated but I didn't really join in as I have not formed an opinion on the issue yet. I don't think I ever will actually as I don't really care about it. Some people in the discussion were against it because it would indicate to people that being a homosexual was normal, when in fact they argued it was not. Others argued against that saying that it's their right to get married if they want to. The counter arguement to that was that the only real rights we have are to food, shelter and safety or something like that. This went on for a while and it sort of got into a "think about the children" case.

And this is something I've noticed here in the states. People spend their time discussing stuff that really doesn't make a f^*ken difference to anything, or they argue how it will make a difference when the effects will probably be quite minor.

But there is a war going on overseas that will make a heck of a difference in the future if it hasn't already now (but of course it has). People are either sick of talking about it or they just give up realising there isn't much they could do about it anyway. Meanwhile of course the conservative right seem to be taking over this country, just to add to the woes. There are two real points for discussion: an unjust war and how you solve the problems caused by it, and the extreme Christian right who can't see two inches in front of themselves who are taking control of the country. In the end, who gives a flying f@#k about gay marriage.

Think about the children.

19 August 2005

A tiring week

Right now I am completely and utterly exhausted. Hold on, I think I've written a post starting like that before. During the week I sealed the private purchase of my new car. I've sent the cheque off to the seller's financing company but I won't be actually picking up the car until next week. Once I get the existing title, but more importantly the insurance sorted out, then I can pick up the car.

And this is where stuff starts to bite. Because I have not been licensed in Florida for a year yet I will be paying through the nose for my insurance. Oh, the other factor is that insurance in Florida is crazy because people have too many accidents. From what I've seen lately: people reading books while they're driving; people driving with their sunshield reflector things still up; people driving and eating cereal; people constantly lane surfing; this doesn't surprise me at all. At the moment my insurance will cost me 8 times that of what it did in Australia. Freaking unbelieveable. I do have other things to try yet but I really have to have this sorted out by Tuesday next week.

In other news I've been preparing my move to a new apartment with a friend from work. This is going much better and the pricing is going to be much more reasonable, thank god. Luckily we're both experienced with living with other people so problems should be kept to a minimum.

15 August 2005

Attack of the drones

Today when I arrived at work I witnessed something quite amazing. What I saw could be best described as a sure-fire way of finding redundancy candidates.

At my work there are boom gates such that when an employee pulls up next to one, access into the facility is granted via waving an ID in front of the scanner to raise the boom gate. Sounds complex? No bloody way.

So what do you think would happen if there was no boom gate? What if the boom gate had been broken off by some fuel guzzling SUV earlier on in the morning? Do you think people would analyse the situation and not bother scanning their ID because it isn't fricken required? Some people would, BUT, statistical analysis showed over half the people wouldn't. If you want comedy that comes in the "I can't believe I'm seeing this" flava, all you have to do is watch this for 5 minutes to see that over half the people at your work are drones.

13 August 2005


This week has been absolutely insane, hence, no updates. I think I pissed off a lot of car salesmen last weekend when I went looking for cars. That tired me out a lot. I think for most of the day I was saying "no, I'm not interested in buying!" They are extremely persistent buggers over here, much more so than what I experienced in Australia. Once they actually realise you're not going to buy they turn into incredibly rude people. Mind you, I was looking at used car dealerships where they're not really interested in forming a relationship with the customer so maybe that had something to do with it.

As if purchasing a car, cancelling stuff over in Australia and initiating stuff over here wasn't enough, work has been an absolute hassle. Put it this way: people have gone well past their limits, including myself, and we're all a bit in the "care factor zero and rapidly falling" zone at the moment. I am completely and utterly exhausted.

This may be causing me to have the weirdest dreams ever and sleep quite irregularly. Case in point: I had a dream that I was back in Pata (in country Australia where I grew up as a kid) and I was lying down in some shade next to the shed enjoying the breeze. I then heard something say "Master... Master" and I turned my head and saw a kitten that was talking to me. It then said "Feed me". As if that wasn't scary enough, I also had some birds later on in my dream asking the same damn thing. It's like the scary movies that have the scary children playing - good example is "the ring".

Luckily though I've got Pendulum's debut album "Hold your colour" to get me through. I had to download a torrent of the album because my CD won't be arriving for at least another month! That was an insane time to wait and so I've been listening to the album for the last week. Highly recommended even if you don't listen to drum and bass very often or don't really know what it's all about.

07 August 2005

Crazy lightning

Crazy lightning
Originally uploaded by daecks.
Over the weekend there have been some massive thunderstorms here in South Florida. Today in fact there was a strike so close that it made my speakers squeal from all the interference. Here is one of the shots I was able to get. The lightning in this shot was striking ground somewhere behind the apartment. Still pretty damn close though.

05 August 2005

Err, pick another consulate

A little while back I had to book a Visa renewal interview at a consulate outside of the US. This interview was set for early September at the consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I actually would have liked to have found one in Canada because that's further away and I can visit Mexico pretty easily from where I live, but I couldn't even find free slots in Canada before the end of the year for some weird reason. It seems I'll be trying Canada again though.

I got curious today and decided to find out what was is goin' down in that part of Mexico. According to this article: "The United States will close its consulate for one week to assess the security of its employees and consulate visitors in this Mexican border town [Nuevo Laredo] after a shootout between drug gangs using machine guns, grenades and a rocket launcher."

Right... I think I'm going to change some plans :-)

04 August 2005

Car purchasing

I'm now getting pretty excited about the whole car purchasing thing, and I'm finding it quite fun to go about looking for cars. I felt I was restricting myself to the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix thing too much because I really hadn't researched what else was out there.

So I went for a walk around in a caryard to see if I could find anything that I liked. What was the closest caryard? The one just outside. There are probably a couple of thousand cars in the parking lot and this gives me the perfect opportunity to go around and look for something that fits the above criteria. I found one that caught my eye: the Mazda Protege5. This is based upon the reliable Mazda Protege platform and from what I've been reading on the Internets is pretty good value for money and very reliable. I'm leaning towards a second hand version of whatever car I get because, believe it or not, I'm in money saving mode at the moment and I'm really tightening down the screws so I can afford to travel around.

Anyway this weekend I will be test driving the Mazda Protege5 plus anything else I notice. I think the only thing that will really be a thorn in my side will be car insurance, but with some advice I've received from friends I should be able combat that.

Ooh, and where am I going to be living? Not far from where I live now, which makes it about 10 minutes from work. This is good, because not only is it still close but it's also cheap and I can carpool to work. Thank god that was organised without too much hassle. Whatever the case, Aug 25th is approaching fast and I want to have this all sorted.

03 August 2005

Percentage of valid voice mails

To my work number: 0%

Every damn phone call I get is not addressed to me. It's either to someone who no longer exists (1% of the calls) at my number, or some damn telemarketing company (99%). I get about two of these calls a day and always have some on voicemail when I get to work. I actually ended up putting my work number on the "do not call" list. Fingers crossed that works, although I'm not holding my breath...