24 August 2005

Here we go again

Righty, another storm looks like it's going to hit here. Whether it will be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall is another story, however from the brief visit to the Target store I just made I could plainly see that some people were in a state of hysteria again. It was all "hurricane this... hurricane that" at the cash registers and people were stockpiling big time.

Onto other interesting things, there was a discussion with my lunch group regarding gay marriage and whether it should be allowed or not. The discussion got very heated but I didn't really join in as I have not formed an opinion on the issue yet. I don't think I ever will actually as I don't really care about it. Some people in the discussion were against it because it would indicate to people that being a homosexual was normal, when in fact they argued it was not. Others argued against that saying that it's their right to get married if they want to. The counter arguement to that was that the only real rights we have are to food, shelter and safety or something like that. This went on for a while and it sort of got into a "think about the children" case.

And this is something I've noticed here in the states. People spend their time discussing stuff that really doesn't make a f^*ken difference to anything, or they argue how it will make a difference when the effects will probably be quite minor.

But there is a war going on overseas that will make a heck of a difference in the future if it hasn't already now (but of course it has). People are either sick of talking about it or they just give up realising there isn't much they could do about it anyway. Meanwhile of course the conservative right seem to be taking over this country, just to add to the woes. There are two real points for discussion: an unjust war and how you solve the problems caused by it, and the extreme Christian right who can't see two inches in front of themselves who are taking control of the country. In the end, who gives a flying f@#k about gay marriage.

Think about the children.

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