29 August 2005


I honestly could not think of anything more appropriate than the above title. Honestly.

Yes, Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas got hit by hurricane Katrina last week, which meant we got Thursday and Friday off of work! Of course, that didn't really mean you could do anything... it was too dangerous to go outside not only because of what might be lying around, but because a lot of traffic lights were out and that's just scary.

Katrina grew up and is now going to turn New Orleans into the next Atlantis or something. I hope they hold out alright because that place is awesome.

Car. Stupid car. I still haven't got my car. I have insurance for the car, but no car. There is a hold up in getting the leasing company for the previous owner to get up off their arses and cash the damn cheque so I can receive the title to the car. That may take over another week yet!

Apart from that I am settling into my new apartment and finding the joy that is a couple of hundred TV channels. Actually, I really only like a couple of them, they being the independent film channel and comedy central. There are a couple of others that have the odd interesting thing on here and there. My flatmate knows the channels off by heart pretty much. Convenient yet scary.

Well, it seems this week I'm actually gaining some of my energy back. I've been utterly exhausted recently as has been shown by the lack of posting, but that's probably also in part due to the fact I have no internet connection at home yet.

Anyway this was just a quick post to prove that I am sort of still alive. And Goldberg, yes, at some point I will take a listen.

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