21 October 2007

Photos around the place

I've noticed some photos of mine are on certain websites around the place. I find it interesting to see which of my photos are used. Here are some links:

Fantasy-fest devil
Diesel the family cat
Kitten in Nicaragua
Major Mitchell cockatoo
Heller International building, Chicago
Little chargers
Murray river

Just so you know

PK is PK right now.

I'm on Corona #5, drinking with a bunch of Peruvians, making squashed frogs for the girls, and I'm running low on Midori.

Update: Midori is finished. )-:

I heart Floridan critters

I spotted this guy the other day climbing up a tree near our place. He was about a metre long, and looks like he's been around.


BTW: I heart Australian critters more, especially Red Back spiders.

Update: Another Iguana.


Iguanas were introduced to Florida from people letting their pets go once they got too big. Now they go through the canals munching on tasty plants.

17 October 2007

Adriana's b'day party

Photos from Adriana's birthday party held on the weekend are online. The star of the party (apart from Adriana)? Squashed Frogs.




The rest of the set is here.