25 December 2005

Xmas in Loxton

Ahh, good ol' Loxton. How can I describe this place? How about this...

Heart rate anywhere but Loxton: **********************
Heart rate in Loxton: .....*.........*.........*........

Well, something like that. Loxton has changed a little this time around. The high school has undergone a massive overhaul and a lot of the buildings I had classes in are gone. My primary school has also changed a bit in that "the mound" has been demolished. Ahh, the mound. Such fond memories of rolling down that thing and trying to stop from falling off.

I went to the Loxton Club on Christmas eve with my bro not expecting to catch up with that many people in my age group. How wrong could I be? I still can't believe that I met so many of my old classmates there. It was awesome.

Today I'm crusing to meet some family over in Barmera and then I'll be heading to the annual Boxing Day party in Adelaide. Awesome.

22 December 2005

Back in Adelaide

Cool. I am now back in Adelaide after spending a couple of days in Melbourne with my fantastic hosts Steve and Jen. I had an awesome time back there even though I was as sick as a dog (as in really bad cough, earaches) and still getting over jetlag.

But none of that matters as I am back home. I'm just waiting for my brother to finish the dishes (shock! horror!) and then I'm heading off for a walk down Rundle mall for old times sake. After that I'm going to head off to Loxton for Christmasy stuff, and I'll be returning to Adelaide on Boxing day at which point I'll catch up with all the Adelaideans.


11 December 2005

Knight rider

This is awesome. iTunes has picked up some classic NBC shows and one of them is Knight Rider. I couldn't really remember what happened in the episodes anymore - all I can remember is enjoying watching the show as a kid. It's so 80's, it's awesome, I love it.


Last Saturday (as in Dec 3rd) I had my birthday party and unfortunately, people got to see the bad side of me. Well that's if you call throwing water at people and cursing in German *bad* *things*. I also spent a bit of the night dancing around a sombrero and throwing packets of tim tams at people.

Problem with all the above is that I can't remember doing any of it. I can remember up to the short cricket game we played outside (short because we were hitting neighbours' cars with the tennis ball and decided to get back inside before the police got called), but after that the night is pretty much forgotten as far as I'm concerned. Forgotten that is if it were not for cameras. Some people got pictures of me doing these things and looking rather unwell and I'm scared. I haven't seen any of these pictures yet. God knows what I'm doing in them. I have a feeling that pretty soon I'm going to get some pictures in my inbox and I'm going to think "ha, what a dic.... hold on, that's me."

I'm scared. I'm really, really, scared.

08 December 2005

Christmas and New Year's in Oztralia

I'm going to be there ;-)

I'll be arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday 20th December. I have a Visa interview on the 22nd and then I'll be heading off to Adelaide on the 23rd, arriving some time around lunch. At some point along the way I'll be in Loxton, probably for Christmas but otherwise I'll be in Adelaide catching up with all you fine people back there. I'm going to try scheduling some golf, tennis, bowling and some other stuff with some of you guys back there I think. Also, Savvy is crying out for some attention, as is the Botanic and even Worldsend. Awesome. I can't wait to get back there!

Shameless plug for...

my birthday! Yay!

Good on ya December 8th.

01 December 2005

Hello Australia?

Some of you may know that I'm trying to get back to Australia for Christmas. To those of you who didn't know, now you do. There are some major complications that have arisen which may prevent me from doing so, but just to let you know I'm trying to work through those and I'm also trying to figure out a stack of alternative plans. I really, really want to catch up with y'all there.

Fingers crossed...