25 December 2005

Xmas in Loxton

Ahh, good ol' Loxton. How can I describe this place? How about this...

Heart rate anywhere but Loxton: **********************
Heart rate in Loxton: .....*.........*.........*........

Well, something like that. Loxton has changed a little this time around. The high school has undergone a massive overhaul and a lot of the buildings I had classes in are gone. My primary school has also changed a bit in that "the mound" has been demolished. Ahh, the mound. Such fond memories of rolling down that thing and trying to stop from falling off.

I went to the Loxton Club on Christmas eve with my bro not expecting to catch up with that many people in my age group. How wrong could I be? I still can't believe that I met so many of my old classmates there. It was awesome.

Today I'm crusing to meet some family over in Barmera and then I'll be heading to the annual Boxing Day party in Adelaide. Awesome.

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Boricua En La Luna said...

Merry Christmas Kristian!!! I got you message!!!!!!!!!!!!!