23 May 2006

Down memory lane

Whilst I've been bed-ridden recently, I've summoned the energy up to entertain myself with a little surfing of the internets. This post is a whole lot about nostalgia, so see if you remember these little youtube gems that I've found.

Anyone got any more? Ones that I just can't find are "AEIOU", with those little characters drawn in the sand who fight some dragon or something. Another is "Robo Story", where the white leader keeps calling everyone else "imbeciles".

What's up with PK?

So Sunday night I found myself in the emergency room of a hospital. Three scoops of icecream is all it took to turn me into a mess of a person who had difficulty breathing or swallowing, was very light-headed, shaking, had a high pulse rate and was just about to collapse. I scared the hell out of my flat-mate, but rest assured, he wasn't as scared as I.

I've been talking to doctors, venom experts from Australia, etc. etc. etc. to see if this had anything to do with the bite I got in January. The consensus was that no, it didn't, and that the venom only lasts for 5 days anyway. So whatever I've got now is supposed to be unrelated to the bite, supposedly.

The major theory going around is that I have an allergy to something. Obviously, this allergy must have developed this year (since the bite, I reckon) because as my friends know, I eat a heck of a lot of food. Currently I can't eat any type of food without getting a reaction. Even a glass of water yesterday caused something to happen. In the past few months I have at times experienced numbness in my legs and just a general light headedness. I've told this to doctors etc, but they've either put it down to the bite or just don't know what is going on and that I'll recover from whatever it is.

Yay, so now I'm probably allergic to anything you can eat or drink. This is a problem. I'm not expecting anyone out there to solve this, but it's just for my friends and family to know.

18 May 2006

Complainers, whingers, whiners

We're all allowed our fair share of whinging and whining and complaining I think. You know, people have to get that stuff off their chest every now and then. But hell, the number of times I hear people complain about the weather around here. I actually like weather in general. I like its unpredictability. The day we can control the weather is the day I'll start complaining about it.

But seriously, I can't even get people to sit outside when it's slightly humid. They'd rather stay in the air conditioned building and when they leave work they get into to their air conditioned car and when they get home they get into their air conditioned house. I constantly hear about it being too humid, too rainy, too hot, and they hardly spend any time outside.


Deep breath.


Complaining about complainers. Hmmmm....

UPDATE: It was pretty hot the other night out though :-p


Recently something happened... I can't remember what it was...

nice one pk.

P.S. Although I haven't been making too many posts lately, I have been taking quite a few pictures. Like, the flickr badge to the right has been in a state of constant update, pretty much. Apart from that I've been pretty flat out. Some major stuff coming up in the next few months. Hope you're having fun y'all.

Peace out.

09 May 2006

Weird Saturday stuff

Last Saturday was a pretty weird day, in that everything I had planned didn't work out. The original plan was to:
- go see Fiona Apple at Sunfest in West Palm beach.
- drop in at a friend's birthday party in Plantation.
- have dinner at Thai Orchid in Coral Gables.
- see Mimimal play at I/O lounge in downtown Miami.

That plan was pretty damn ambitious, since it involved traversing three counties in one day. I like the ambitious plans though, so I was all for giving it a shot. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, I realised that I just wouldn't be able to get to see Fiona Apple. I had to drive to Sunfest the next day anyway to shoot photos for another of Hilary's concerts. I couldn't be bothered. I also wanted to spend more time at the birthday party so I cancelled my dinner and told the people I'd meet up with them at the Minimal gig. No real drama.

The birthday party was next. I ended up arriving at the party precisely one week early. I haven't done anything like this before, but I'm sure it brought some laughs to the birthday girl. There is a good reason why I stuffed this up - I'm stupid.

So, not having a birthday party to go to I called up the dinner friends and told them I could come. One of them offered me a lift to the restaurant from his place so I took that offer up.

Later, after mucking around with some music stuff, we left for the restaurant. However, he'd forgotten where he put some flyers for the band that night. We ended up going back to his house and spent well over an hour looking for the damn flyers. They were absolutely nowhere to be found. I thought I'd seen him put the flyers on the car so I went for a pretty long walk to find any suspect flyers all over the road. I didn't find anything (apart from a few pairs of shoes, which I thought to be pretty weird actually).

We left his house, defeated. Calling the friends we were meeting for dinner, we were informed the restaurant was actually shut. Bugger! We made alternative plans and ate somewhere else. It was getting late and we all thought we'd missed the Minimal gig. We arrived at I/O lounge and discovered that they were actually still playing - although one of our group had forgotten their ID and couldn't immediately get into the lounge. Great! After some convincitroning (word?) we all got in and enjoyed a couple of Minimal songs. I guess that one thing sorta did turn out alright.

I took pictures on the night. I'm dragging my camera with me everywhere these days it seems. Click on the picture below:

You'll start working out pretty quickly who I hang out with here in South Florida.

03 May 2006

I'm back

And I'm bloody exhausted. I had accumulated about 2 hours of sleep when I arrived in Miami last night - I just can't sleep upright. Period. Sleeping pills (which I tried this time around) made me feel very tired but then I couldn't fall asleep.

I watched some cool movies on the way over though - "House of flying daggers", "Capote", "Good luck and good night", and my favourite of the flight, "Enron: The smartest guys in the room".

I also have some pictures that I uploaded from the trip. They're not all up, but click on the cute cat below to get to what there is...

01 May 2006

Seeya Australia!

I'm currently waiting in the Melbourne airport for the gate to open for my flight to Los Angeles. I've taken a quick picture of the plane I'll be flying back in so here it is:

Anyway, seeya to all the people I caught up with in Oz. To the people I didn't catch up with, I'll see you around sometime. I don't know when I'll be returning to Australia again, so I expect to see you overseas, ok? Good.