14 December 2009

Wedding Photos!

I have created a Flickr collection containing photos from each of our wedding events. These are the full-size versions of the photos, much better for printing than their counterparts floating around on Facebook.

Click here to go to the collection.


13 December 2009

Visiting Key West

My parents have arrived back safely in Oz after their trip over here for the wedding (I'll post another update about that later tonight), but before they left we took them to see Key West. Although we didn't get to see the ideal sunset at Mallory Square because it was too cloudy, we did get to see some awesomely massive bubbles, and a nice gimmick where the dog would go around collecting tip money. The next night at Bahia Honda state park we watched the sun set in a completely cloudless sky. Here are some photos, the whole set is here.


The big bubble