09 May 2006

Weird Saturday stuff

Last Saturday was a pretty weird day, in that everything I had planned didn't work out. The original plan was to:
- go see Fiona Apple at Sunfest in West Palm beach.
- drop in at a friend's birthday party in Plantation.
- have dinner at Thai Orchid in Coral Gables.
- see Mimimal play at I/O lounge in downtown Miami.

That plan was pretty damn ambitious, since it involved traversing three counties in one day. I like the ambitious plans though, so I was all for giving it a shot. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, I realised that I just wouldn't be able to get to see Fiona Apple. I had to drive to Sunfest the next day anyway to shoot photos for another of Hilary's concerts. I couldn't be bothered. I also wanted to spend more time at the birthday party so I cancelled my dinner and told the people I'd meet up with them at the Minimal gig. No real drama.

The birthday party was next. I ended up arriving at the party precisely one week early. I haven't done anything like this before, but I'm sure it brought some laughs to the birthday girl. There is a good reason why I stuffed this up - I'm stupid.

So, not having a birthday party to go to I called up the dinner friends and told them I could come. One of them offered me a lift to the restaurant from his place so I took that offer up.

Later, after mucking around with some music stuff, we left for the restaurant. However, he'd forgotten where he put some flyers for the band that night. We ended up going back to his house and spent well over an hour looking for the damn flyers. They were absolutely nowhere to be found. I thought I'd seen him put the flyers on the car so I went for a pretty long walk to find any suspect flyers all over the road. I didn't find anything (apart from a few pairs of shoes, which I thought to be pretty weird actually).

We left his house, defeated. Calling the friends we were meeting for dinner, we were informed the restaurant was actually shut. Bugger! We made alternative plans and ate somewhere else. It was getting late and we all thought we'd missed the Minimal gig. We arrived at I/O lounge and discovered that they were actually still playing - although one of our group had forgotten their ID and couldn't immediately get into the lounge. Great! After some convincitroning (word?) we all got in and enjoyed a couple of Minimal songs. I guess that one thing sorta did turn out alright.

I took pictures on the night. I'm dragging my camera with me everywhere these days it seems. Click on the picture below:

You'll start working out pretty quickly who I hang out with here in South Florida.

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