11 December 2005


Last Saturday (as in Dec 3rd) I had my birthday party and unfortunately, people got to see the bad side of me. Well that's if you call throwing water at people and cursing in German *bad* *things*. I also spent a bit of the night dancing around a sombrero and throwing packets of tim tams at people.

Problem with all the above is that I can't remember doing any of it. I can remember up to the short cricket game we played outside (short because we were hitting neighbours' cars with the tennis ball and decided to get back inside before the police got called), but after that the night is pretty much forgotten as far as I'm concerned. Forgotten that is if it were not for cameras. Some people got pictures of me doing these things and looking rather unwell and I'm scared. I haven't seen any of these pictures yet. God knows what I'm doing in them. I have a feeling that pretty soon I'm going to get some pictures in my inbox and I'm going to think "ha, what a dic.... hold on, that's me."

I'm scared. I'm really, really, scared.

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Boricua En La Luna said...

Hey Kristian!!! you don't trust in me? when I told you that doesn't bad happened...It was true ok! You were very drunk yes...but you didn't things that the people put on internet hahaha...was a very good night...so ask your friends if they have pictures and that's it...

Hugs for u!