12 March 2005

Where am I?

I'm back in Australia.

Yes! It is true! I was keeping quiet about this because I was going to surprise some people but my cover was blown and so I'm telling everybody this now. I'm currently in Sydney hanging out with Nav and his mates. It's all really fanbloodytastic here and I now realise how much I love and missed Australia. It's an awesome country.

I arrived here on Friday morning and will be heading off to Adelaide on Sunday afternoon. I'll be hanging around Adelaide for about a week and then heading back to the USA. I'll try and catch up with as many people as I can while I'm here!

See y'all.


TVRFreak said...


We have to catch up when you are in Adelaide. Call me. I will email you
my mobile phone number if ya dont have it.

PK said...

Hi Frosty. Sorry the only time I could catch up for a chat was that lunchtime when I bumped into you. I was hoping to organise a bowling game at the very least! Unfortunately the fact that I went back to Loxton for a while, weddings and general mayhem didn't help things too much :-(