28 June 2005

Turtle power!

Allow me to introduce the hero in a half shell in my car today:

As I was turning into my apartment a guy was crossing the road with turtle in hand saying to me "dude, do you know where there are any sewers ponds around this area?" I did in fact, so I took the little charger under my wing and transported it to the closest one I knew of. As I was releasing him back into the "wild" I was able to take one final farewell shot:

I don't know why my arm was turning purple. Someone told me it may have to do with radioactive ooze in the area, although I was supposed to keep that a secret.

OMG this was the most non-funny lame-arse post ever. For real though, I did for about 5 minutes today have a turtle for a passenger. I hope your day was just as interesting.

- SplinterKristian


chica bonita said...

i would have keep the turtle for myself!

PK said...

Yeah, I was thinking how cool a pet turtle would be... but then a Floridian told me that it's illegal to take a wild turtle as a pet, or something like that. And my apartment gets fumigated for bugs every month and I think they'd eventually find him anyway. Not that I'd ever try and do anything illegal, of course! ;-)