13 October 2005

Coldplay in Adelaide?

Nah, just messing with ya. I think it unlikely that Coldplay would visit the fine city of Adelaide for one of their tours in the near future. I thought there was hope though when I received a Coldplay newsletter stating more shows in Australia, only to find that they were scheduling more shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


At any rate, I'm not in Adelaide and I got to see Coldplay a month ago. They were pretty damn awesome of course and I don't know why I didn't mention that fact on my blog. Perhaps I did... I dunno. Here are some shoddy pictures from the concert taken with my phone camera:

and would you like to see a picture of a wankerchop? Here is one:

Pre-coldplay (during the Rilo Kiley set) this guy was more interested in playing a game on his phone than talking to his girlfriend. I award the "tosspot of the month" award to the wankerchop above.


Arlene said...

Hate u!!!!!!!!!!

na..is joking!!!


Nav said...

Harsh words PK...

What if he was sms'ing his sick mother on her deathbed


What if his girlfriend was making weird snorty sounds that were slowly driving him insane and the only way to supress his homicidal tendencies was to play tetris on his phone?