16 March 2009

Farewell, wisdom teeth.

I just had all my wisdom teeth removed. Before being injected with the novocaine, I attempted to see how low I could get my pulse. I guess I did an ok job, hovering around the mid 60s, especially since I was freaking out a little.

The whole procedure took 45 mins, with three straight pulls and one impacted (soft flesh, so it hadn't come right through yet). I remember the dentist saying "now you're going to feel good", and then after that, being wheelchaired out to the car.

Here is my tribute song to the moment:



choza said...

were you completely knocked out or just had local anaesthetic? i keep putting off this but will have to bite the bullet soon...

PK said...

I was completely knocked out. However, it was sort of weird going in, then coming out, and visibly seeing something missing and you have no recollection of it leaving you.