22 March 2010

Ducktales (episode 3)

So, Razzi and the ducklings have now left the shelter of casa Kristian y Adriana. This is the last photo I have of them at their condo abode:


I'm fairly impressed, and relieved, with how Bropey has stepped into the role of protector and is looking after Razzi and the ducklings. We've also noticed how brown he is getting, after having either black or dark green feathers only a couple of weeks ago.

Bropey the shield

Last photo for this post: where ducklings come from.

How ducks are delivered.

These and more photos have been added to this photo set.

By the way, if there are any ducks out there reading this in an egg-laying mood, we have three spacious and well-kept planters available, free of charge.

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