04 July 2010

Honeymoon photos - Civita, Florence, Siena and surrounds.

The flickr link for this part of the honeymoon is here.

We spent around five days sightseeing Rome (and getting over any jetlag). After that we picked up our car rental, somehow navigated our way through Roman traffic, and headed up towards Florence. On the way, we stopped off at a small town called Civita (civita di Bagnoregio).

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio

We ate at the restaurant just before the starting the walk up to Civita, and ate some of the best Italian food we've ever had. That, combined with the sights seen in Civita itself, made it one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

Continuing north we visited Orvieto, ate some more fantastic food and took in some of the sights.

Walking around Orvieto

We arrived in Florence late that night, and spent the next day visiting the Uffizi galleries and any of the obvious tourist sites (although some places we couldn't be bothered waiting in the line for, like with this first photo. At some point you just get churched-out)

Duomo, Florence

Sunset in Florence

We then spent a day travelling back down South to visit Siena, which we actually ended up enjoying more than Florence (fewer tourists and prettier in areas).



If you visit the flickr link given above, you'll also see a woman having a fairly heated discussion on her phone. Not the first such discussion we saw in Italy, mind you.

Ever so often while driving around we saw a field of poppies. Actually driving to a point where a photo could be taken of such a field proved to be fairly difficult. After taking a very local dirt road (thank you GPS), we came across a field, so I was able to get my photo.

Corn poppies

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