22 December 2010

Upcoming Peru photos


I'm finally getting around to uploading the Peru photos to flickr. If anyone reading this (people do?) is friends with Adriana on Facebook, you'd have seen some of the photos. For some awesome reason, Facebook mangles some of the photos to appear grainy... not like Facebook is a great photo sharing site anyway (it's fine for drunk or phone photos). Having said that, some of the sets are on flickr already, but I'm re-doing my Lightroom workflow and so they're going to be updated with more info and some calibration edits, so I'm not 'publishing' them here yet.

I've always taken panoramic photos on my trips, so they will be in there too. There are a couple of HDR photos too. I dabbled with some 3D photos this time since I recently purchased a Holmes viewer. You can also view such photos using a cross-eyed technique, but after a while you *will* get a headache (and then some people have trouble seeing the 3D using this technique at all). Wikipedia has a good intro to stereoscopy, and just how damn old the technique is, but I'll do a more in-depth post regarding that later.

Anyways, back to it.

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