30 September 2005

Start spreading the news...

Well, I actually leaving tomorrow, but *finally* I am heading off to New York. This ain't a real short trip either as a friend and I are going to be there for 6 straight days. This is also the most unprepared I've ever been for a trip as well, in terms of planning what things to see and do. But I really don't think too much preparation is needed, right? Apart from the obvious places to visit (statue of liberty, times square, empire state building, yadda yadda yadda) these are some of the other things I want to do:

1) Watch "The Daily Show".
2) Watch the David Letterman show.
3) Get our mugs on NBC morning news.

There are other things, can't remember them at the moment, maybe I should plan this better...


Da Andrew said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey man, good luck getting a ticket to the Late Show, I hope ya make it. When me and my mates wanted to see it back in 1996 we had to book a ticket 3-4 months in advance and then when we got there he was on holiday and there was no show..

Hope ya can make it!


Da Andrew said...

Make like a chicken and "WING IT!"