24 June 2006

Black Holes and Revelations

So, my favourite music group just has to be Muse. I think it used to be Coldplay or Hybrid, but that sort of changed when I rediscovered them during hurricane Wilma last year.

I've got a copy of their latest album, "Black Holes and Revelations". My pre-order using iTunes doesn't come through until next month . . . I couldn't wait that long but when it is able to be downloaded I also get some bonues videos. Cool.

This album is cool. Way cool. More glam-rock than before, and one thing I can't get over is how much they remind me of ELO in some songs. Take the chorus in "Super Massive Black Hole", for example. I friggen love ELO and I just think that rocks.

Other initial favourites on the album include "City of Delusion" which has a flamenco-crossed-with-Arabic style, and "Knights of Cydonia".

UPDATE: After some more listening, other favourites include the rest of the album.

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