19 June 2006


Wow. What a game of basketball with a final scoreline of 101-100 in favour of Miami. This is the second time today I haven't been able to sit down to watch a sports game, the first being for the loss of the Socceroos against the Brazilians in the World Cup. I swear I need new feet from all the pacing that I've done in front of the TV. I definitely need a good strong liquor right now.

Dwyane Wade is just an amazing player. I can't believe the shots he made, he's just incredible to watch. One of my friends has likened him to Jordan, minus Jordan's attitude. Wade is just such a humble and smart basketball player, and if it's just one reason I've started to take notice of basketball more, he is it.

So now Miami play the next games of the finals series on Dallas' turf. Hopefully they can pull it off, and with a player like Wade everything and anything is possible. I can't remember a time when I was this enthusiastic about a basketball team. Freaking awesome, folks. Freaking awesome.


PS It seems there is a GO [insert sports team here] theme going on with this site recently, I've just noticed!

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