27 July 2004

Am I really in Melbourne?

The reason I ask this question is that the news' weather on the plane trip over predicted it to be rainy and 14, but it's been sunny the whole day. I absolutely love this city, and I still reckon it rocks just as much as the Coldplay concert did here a year ago.

So, the whole point of me being in Melbourne was to visit the consulate to apply for my Visa - and the darn thing has been approved! What a trial. Anyway, I should receive it tomorrow and then I can move on with the rest of the process. I can't believe I'm leaving this Friday! My feet are absolutely killing me at the moment. I walked from the Spencer St station to the consulate which is located way, way down St Kilda road. I think that was about a 4km walk or something crazy like that. I heard some guys at work mentioning how long the walk was, and I was thinking of cheating and taking the tram, but not when it's sunny in Melbourne!

Something I found difficult was actually trying to find somewhere to eat. This is heaps easy when you have someone else with you - but when you're by yourself it's a whole different challenge. If I was paying for my own meal I'd probably just go somewhere like Subway, but hey, the company is paying for this one so I think I'll go the $17 pasta for lunch thanks!

What else did I do... ooh, I bought some Armani jeans (reduced in price mind you) which will replace the other jeans I wear almost constantly. I tried looking for an album by a group called "Way out west". No, it's not a James Reyne and James Blundell collaboration. It's a group consisting of Nick Warren and ... some other guy. Anyway, they're signed to the same record label as Hybrid is (Distinctive Records), and I've heard some of their stuff and it's well wicked. It's music you could still be listening to in a couple of years' time - and I'm trying to find more of that sort of music that is new sounding, but here for the long run. Speaking of Hybrid, their fan website (http://www.hybrid-group.com) has been down recently. Bugger.

Well, I'm currently running on 4 hours of sleep and 3 coffees. Until I started work for this Florida trip the most coffees I'd ever have was one coffee a fortnight. Now I'm having 2 or 3 a day. This ain't good, and it has to stop! People have seen what coffee does to me, and I don't want to permanently act like that lest I be taken to a mental institution.

These Internet cafes are cool. Actually, nearly every cafe down this street has wireless Internet access which is something I haven't seen in even one cafe in Adelaide yet. Can anyone correct me???

Anyways, I gotta catch a flight back to good ol' Adelaide now. I'll be back in Melbourne again this Friday enroute to Los Angeles, so that's probably when the next post will be... unless I think of something dazzling. Unlikely.

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