20 July 2004

I'm not anti-US

but if I'm anti-anything, it's people abusing power. There are likely many examples that do not involve the US, but hey, I couldn't let this one go by. This is a link to an unclassified document created by the US government in 1962. In it there are various suggestions on how the US Government could justify an invasion of Cuba - by setting up scenarios in where it seemed that Cuba was attacking the US. A snippet:

We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.

Okaaaaay. Anyway, I wonder if any documents created by the US Government may be released in the future with titles like "Justification for a US invasion of Iraq". Hmmmm...

And now for something completely different, you may have heard that DJ Sassy has claimed that her posterior is better than Kylie's. I've observed, and it's my belief that it's not. Nice publicity stunt however - I now know who you are.

That is all.

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