10 July 2004

Farewell party postmortem

Holy crap I had a great time at my farewell party last night! Thanks to all of you who came along (you know who you are!) One of my mates got some pics from the night so when I get access to them I'll post some of them. My rollerskating party farewell was held at the St Clair recreation centre in Woodville - which turned out to be an awesome venue. Parking turned out to be a bit difficult because 500 or so nerds were also having a LAN party in another part of the building. Actually, calling them nerds is a bit tongue-in-cheek really because since I'm an engineer/programmer of sorts you could probably technically claim that I am a nerd as well. Ahh well. Put it this way though - I'd prefer to fall on my arse ten times more than I did at rollerskating last night than go to something like that. The whole LAN party thing just doesn't appeal to me.

Getting back to the rollerskating farewell. The theme of the night was late 80s/early 90s which was about the time I went rollerskating when I was living in Loxton. A few people got dressed up for the event, but I didn't expect many people would since we were heading into town afterwards. I think I benefited from having another change of clothes because for the two hours of skating that I had scheduled I went hard the whole time, which showed up as gross sweat patches. Apologies peeps. I think I fell down over 10 times, partly because I couldn't see what I was doing with the Whoopi Goldberg-like hair piece I had on, mostly because I ain't the best skater. My right hand is absolutely killing me today, but, I'll consider all of it as practice for Florida :-)

So, with the theme I had to have some appropriate music. Here is what was played:

Aerosmith + Run DMC - Walk this way
MC Hammer - You can't touch this
N-trance - Stayin' alive '95
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it away
De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring
Boogie Pimps - Sunny
Madonna - Material Girl
En Vogue - My Lovin'
Roxette - Dangerous
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
Michael Jackson - Beat it
Jon Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer
Belinda Carlisle - Leave a light on
Crystal Waters - 100% pure love
Deee Lite - Groove is in the heart
Dimples D - Sucker DJ
EMF - Unbelievable
C+C Music Factory - Gonna make you sweat
Heavy D - Now that we found love
Huey Lewis and the news - Hip to be square
Janet Jackson - Black Cat
The KLF - Last train to trancentral
Will Smith - Miami
PM Dawn - Movin' on up
Salt 'n' Pepa - Push it
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Technotronic - Everybody dance now
Van Halen - Jump
Ab Logic - The Hitman
Eurythmics - When tomorrow comes

Ok! That's a bloody long list. Some songs I forgot to include were:
Survivor - Eye of the tiger
East 17 - House of love
The A-team theme song

Maybe I can include them in a 3-hour long rollerskating session?

After the rollerskating session I got changed out of my skanky clothes and headed to the Botanic (I just love that place!!!). I had a wicked night and I hope everyone who came along enjoyed themselves!

Check ya.

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