09 July 2004

That bites

It seems that yet again my application for an L-1 Visa has been delayed. I got my application package back just after lunch today with a big fat yellow Visa rejection slip on the front. The application was rejected because they could not fit me in for an interview before I was due to leave - I think I'm about to set a record for my company in that I'll have the longest Visa application time ever! My interview has been scheduled for the end of July now, which bites even more considering the interview is supposed to take all of a minute. Eh, I guess I should be happy enough that I will eventually get there.

In the previous post I was musing on how I was going to get everything done in time. Well, now I have more time to see people before I leave, but when things start happening Visa-wise I think that's always going to be a rush.

I think I'll just go watch SpiderMan 2 (Lego version) again.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw Spidey 2 - awesome flick - probably better than the first - it really captured the essence of comic style - Iceman