15 July 2004

Tickets are booked!

Well, this is sort of weird. I've actually got to the point where I have now booked my flights to both the consulate in Melbourne for my visa and for the actual trip to the US. The visa interview is on the 27th July and the day I fly out is the 30th July. That doesn't leave a lot of time for all the stuff I want to get done, but we'll see how it goes. I've organised transport of my guitar, amp, computer and extra clothes via air freight to the US but I still have to organise a place to live as well as a rental car. Most of this is handled by other people though, so it should be ok.

Check this out though - when I was looking at the distance between Fort Lauderdale (where I will be landing) and Plantation (where I will be working), I saw something that was a little too close to home. This was from a mapquest map search:

Did you see it? Down near the bottom - Riverland! That's the same name of the area where I grew up in South Australia. Weird.

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