09 May 2005

Hard Rock casino

I went out Saturday night to the retail area around Hard Rock casino which has all the clubs and shopping stuff. I've been here a few times and it's pretty good, all things considered. I hadn't been out with that group for a night out before and damn, I ended up having a blast. I think seeing chicks riding mechanical bulls really sealed off the night.

We started off at an Irish pub that was playing songs like "Loveshack" by the B-52s. . . yeah. The "DJ" there could not mix fricken salt and water. It was absolutely terrible. I was glad to get out of there. Next we tried getting into a club called "Pangaea". It seemed a group our size was not going to have any luck in getting in without buying a couple of tables though (at $250 each).

Since people were getting restless the decision was made to go to watch some mechanical bull riding at a place called Tequila Ranch, a Mexican themed restaurant. This place apparently doesn't have the best Mexican food around, but it made up for that in other ways. I have to say thankyou Todd for being so pro-bull. Not that Todd will probably ever read this blog but his name is now in here. Words can't describe how fantastic it was to see two girls at once riding a mechanical bull. "2night" were there and here is a link to pictures from the night. I was thinking that'd be a cool gig - taking pictures in all the cool clubs around Miami and surrounding areas with my digital SLR. . . how awesome would that be?! I think it would be as awesome as using someone's fist as a microphone to sing "No woman no cry" and "One love", which is something I ended up doing that night even though I wasn't drunk.

We closed out the country bar and most of the people in our group left after that. Those of us remaining went back to Pangaea hoping to get in this time. We got in no problemo and even slipped past the girl at the door collecting money because she was busy messaging someone on the phone (normally it would cost $20 to get in).

Pangaea is a pretty good club considering its location. Click this link to see a sampling of people who were there the same night. They have an obligatory RnB/Hip Hop room and in another room they have the dance music, which was ok I guess. It was a little too techno if you know what I mean. Too much beat and not enough style. Maybe some other nights they play music which is similar to that on their website.

I was at the bar in Pangaea ordering a drink when I noticed a guy having an epileptic fit on the floor not far from me. There was the typical crowd of stunned onlookers - of course no-one could have done much at that stage of a fit. But once the fit subsided I didn't see anyone putting him into the recovery position and checking his airways etc. So can you guess who had to do this? I didn't hang around for too long though as there were a few of his friends who were there to take care of him.

All things considered though, it wasn't a bad night at all.

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