03 May 2005

Tobacco Road, 28th April

I especially went to Tobacco Road on Thursday night to get some pictures of Santos Renuentes playing an acoustic set, something that I hadn't heard them do before. There was going to be a delay with starting their set so my friend and I decided to get some food downstairs. I had just about finished my meal when I thought "hold on... they should have started by now". I raced upstairs and they were nearly finished. Sophia gave me a greeting saying something like "I'm glad you finally came to watch our show, Kristian." I found out later that while I was downstairs stuffing my face she did a shout out for me two songs prior because I always went to their gigs.... and I was nowhere to be seen at that time. Bloody hell.

Anyway, travelling to Miami to watch a live acoustic set and then nearly missing it completely - am I a knob or what? I did get some pics from their last song though that can be found here
. There is also a picture in that set of the back of Tobacco Road. You can see one of the members of the outdoor band playing through the entrance. Damn I love my new lens.

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