23 May 2005

It's done!

So, the future is going to be even more exciting. In the next couple of months I'll be going through the motions of buying a car, finding a flatmate, getting a fortnightly salary (compared to the monthly one I've gotten so used to) all American style. To be perfectly honest, I didn't make this move for the money. I won't be much better off here than I was in Australia, but the difference is I *won't* be in Australia. Mexico is only a couple of hours away by plane. Jamaica ain't that far either. South America - just a wee bit south. Problem is that due to my Visa extension I won't be going outside of the US for another few months until processing has been completed.

That doesn't matter though, there is enough going on over here to keep me busy. The French food and wine festival is on this coming long weekend in New Orleans and I've made plans with a couple of friends to go for a road trip. I haven't been a tourist for a while now so "I'm excited".

Adios muchachos.


chief said...

In the words of a great man: 'Hats off' PK! Exciting stuff indeed. Just make sure that new flat has enough floor space room so us lads can crash there :)

PK said...

mate, anyone who isn't inclined to end me is always welcome to stay!

Nav said...

dude, whats with the fear of reprisal!?
What have you been getting upto in Florida town huh :)