15 May 2005

Winky vs Trinidad

I went to a friend's house Satdee night to watch a boxing fight on HBO pay per view. Now let me get this straight - I ain't the biggest fan of boxing. Actually I'd usually go out of my way to avoid watching fights because I just think it's sort of cave man like but I tucked all those thoughts away and just watched the damn thing. The fight was between Winky Wright and Felix Trinidad. The 'local' boy Winky ended up winning, even with a rather distracting boil or whatever the heck it was on his neck. Dis-gust-ing. Check the link here for some more fight details.

What I found really funny about the fight was the absolute crap and fluff the commentators dribbled to fill in time. It was just incredibly stupid stuff. My absolute favourite part though was when one of the commentators was trying to make a point that something was the exact opposite, so he resorted to this analogy (not exact wording but): "Take for example Afghanistan and then being all the way on the opposite side of the world . . . like Denmark". Hmmm, stick to the boxing world buddy. The real world is probably too big for you. It sort of surprised me he didn't say Iraq, because that's another country that the media here has been mentioning for some reason.

Speaking of funny, what I saw today cracked me up a bit. I'd pulled up at a set of lights and was watching some people get out of their car at the intersection and push it across because it had broken down. What was written on the windows? "For sale".

And to finish off the triple play of funnies, here is a website dedicated to chicks being filmed trying to get their bogged cars out of mud and so forth.
It's funny how you come across sites like that which are totally unrelated to the material you're reading at the time. I checked out the FAQ to get a 'please explain' for the website and all it had was help in sorting out technical difficulties with getting the videos to play. Oh, and it describes how they keep the packaging discrete. I guess that's so your significant other doesn't find out you have a . . . chicks-getting-cars-stuck-in-mud fetish? Ohhhhh kaaaay.

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