31 May 2005

I'm back

You know, I thought my post last night regarding this actually made it into the blogger brain... but obviously not. Pity that, actually. It was full of wit and humour that would have left even the most discerning critic wondering why I spend my time monkeying about with code rather than writing jaw-dropping literature.

Illusionary world aside, yes I'm back from New Orleans, Nawlins, the Crescent City, Big Easy, whatever you feel like confusing people with. After driving 1850 miles this is a quick-arse summary of my thoughts of my extended long weekend of travel:

1) New Orleans is a pretty effing cool city.
2) New Orleans actually looks better during the day than at night. Contrast this with Miami, which is a pretty city at night but not too pretty during the day.
3) Florida actually has undulations in its terrain up around the panhandle.
4) Miles don't click over quickly enough.
5) Aquaplaning for about 20 metres during a big arse thunder storm on the way back is "interesting".

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