17 May 2005

(Kristian == nerd) == TRUE?

Noooo! Lately I've been feeling it... I've been working absolutely ridiculous hours at work and I'm nearly getting used to it. I'm coming to expect it of myself. This has to change, and it has to change now. I admit I may be a little nerdy - heck look at my bloody blog icon - it's from a bleedin' 1986 Nintendo game. I used to read microprocessor spec documents 'for fun'. Shit shit shit.

I watch Dr Who, I watch Battleship Galactica, I own Star Trek tapes.

Crap crap crap.

Well, I may as well accept the fact.

So you can imagine how cool I find the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Dang, those PS3 videos look absolutely awesome http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/05/16/news_6124681.html.


However, I am proud to say that I couldn't care less about missing out on the premiere of Star Wars and actually only getting to see it in, ooh, a week or two. Episode 1 sucked hard, Episode 2 sucked a little less and maybe this one will be ok. Meh, whatever.


Anonymous said...

bro... wheres the respect... star wars all the way my friend...

PK said...

what do they call those things they mostly put on draft horses? Oh yeah, that's right: blinders.