17 November 2004

Hats off family (and Arnott's)

I picked up my family from Miami airport last night and took them down to South Beach for a quick drive. My bro seemed to take notice of the rims on the cars quite a bit, and Mum was trying to get over me driving on the other side of the road. Dad was pretty chilled out it seemed. The extra bonus of my family coming over was they brought a lot of cool stuff with them (at my request)
  1. TimTams (Ten or so packets)
  2. Cherry Ripes
  3. Milo (REAL milo, the stuff you can eat straight out of the can, not the crud sold over here)
  4. Vegemite
  5. A cricket bat
  6. An AFL football
So it seems I'll have to team up with some Aussies, head down to Fort Lauderdale beach and show those Americans how to kick a football properly. The TimTams have been an absolute hit today. I've had people coming back asking for seconds and OMG it's so good to actually eat a biscuit that tastes that good! My personal record with TimTams is 7 packets in 2 days. I did that during Uni because there was a chance to win $50,000. Unfortunately, I never did win but the TimTams were on special anyway and I was only feeling slightly sick for no more than a day.

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