12 November 2004

NBA game - Heat vs Mavericks

Wow! I just came back from watching the Miami Heat play the Dallas Mavericks. Heat got whipped, but I did get to see Shaquille O'Neal, which was pretty cool. The game entertainment was pretty cool and the whole place was pumped up so much! They play a whole lot of power songs throughout the whole night to keep the vibe going. It's just amazing how much energy there is going around the place even before the game has begun.

Tonight was supposed to be the big night where I tested out my new telephoto lens, specifically designed for sports and nature photography. There was a sign that said "no flash photography". That was cool - from where I was sitting flash photography would've been useless anyway. I walked up to the guards and they said "sorry sir, we can't let you in with the bag". I said, "but it's only got my camera stuff in it". I showed them my lens and they said "sorry, we can't let you in with professional photography equipment". I was stunned, shocked, and a little peeved. Then I thought "hehe. They said professional". I said "well, how about this lens?" and I pulled out my normal lens. They replied "haven't you got anything smaller?" and I shook my head. They said as long as the lens was under 6 inches it was ok, so I had to go in with my normal lens only. I hope this doesn't happen again. I'm going to get really pissed off if I go to sports games and I can't use my new lens.

There were some celebrities there as well which was quite a bonus - Boris Becker, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova. Pretty cool, huh? I was able to spot Boris Becker in the audience and got a snap of him. I was only able to get a snap of Enrique and Anna up on the scoreboard as I couldn't find them in the audience. Pics are coming soon (once my slow arse computer finishes processing them :-(

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