03 November 2004

What the heck is going on?

I'm sitting here watching TV, monitoring the Internet here and I just can't believe what is going on with this freaking election. I'm trying to understand why so many people are still supporting Bush, globally seen as being an incumbent fool. I was talking to some Americans today who I thought were quite well versed with what was going on in the world, and they're voting Bush. I'm like (swear word warning) "what the hell are you doing that for? You're being fucken lied to! Where the fuck do you get your information from???" Ok, I didn't say that but I put it through a nice language filter so they didn't get too offended. And yes, politicians lie - but can you really top the Bush administration? Lying to go to war? Nobody could answer my question by the way. I got these paltry answers of "going by gut feeling", "choosing the lesser of two evils" (WTF?). I just don't understand.

Some people over here have been nearly offended that I should have such concern. Well America, yes, you're the most powerful country there is. You're number one. But when are you going to realise that you're not the only country on this planet and that being number one ACTUALLY carries some responsibility with it? Here are my words should Bush win: The next time that *your President*, propped up by his absurd administration, blindly staggers his way through an embarrassing speech, plans on occupying/destroying another country and alienating many others, and sends many troops and innocent civilians to their death for false reasons - I hope you feel proud. Johnny will likely be Dubbya's butt-boy and we'll be dragged along too. Fantastic!

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