28 November 2004

Home sweet Floridian home

Ok, let me try and sum up the Bahamas in a few short points:

- The most rubbish lying around I've ever seen.
- The most run-down places I've ever seen.
- The clearest water I've ever seen.
- The most stray dogs I've ever seen.
- The most pot-holes in roads I've ever seen.
- Surprisingly expensive.

Actually, that summary only applies the New Providence and Paradise islands. I have approximately 700 more islands to visit to get a real feel for the Bahamas.

We stayed at a place called Orange Hill beach inn, and it's run like an episode of Fawlty Towers. Bloody funny stuff. It was a simple place, comparitively cheap, and just opposite a beach that had sand like icing sugar. The people who ran it were some of the nicest people I've met.

I ran into the "Grass? Weed?" guy again. I swear, he works subliminally. I was walking around a corner and he was coming the opposite way and he said "Grass? Weed?" and just kept on walking. I was left standing there wondering if he actually said anything at all or whether I just imagined it. There was also a peanut guy who seemed to be all over the island (New Providence island) at one time.

The Bahamas was in a real mess, but that's probably because it got pummeled by a stack of hurricanes. I got to see a lot of it because I hired out a car and went cruising around with the family. The roads were in shocking condition and I got a completely flat tire, whoops, tyre at one stage plus another one that was on the way. It was also a bit weird driving on the left side of the road in a left hand drive, as is how driving is done in the Bahamas.

One of the ways we got into Nassau from our hotel before I hired a car was by the Jitney service, and it only cost a dollar. All the locals use it and the drivers try and pile as many people into the bus as possible. One of the drivers had a picture of Jesus Christ on his windshield, and he put a tape into a VCR and proceeded to play a Gospel movie for the duration of the bus trip. It was like a mass conversion attempt.

Well, I'm a bit stuffed so I can't be arsed writing anymore. Perhaps later I'll post some pics with some pseudo-witty comments from the trip? Yeah, that's about as likely as me posting up all the other pics I've been meaning to get out there. I must note though that a record was achieved this week with the number of views of my webshots account. Out of the 267 views, 251 of them were from the Fantasy Fest album. Not bad! I'll have to remember to appeal to the basic human (male) desire to see scantily clad women. For the ladies reading this, sorry about that. Your only hope of seeing any studs in my pictures is if there was a guy standing in the general vicinity of a scantily clad female, and even then he may be out of focus. What I'll have to remember to do is increase the depth of field by setting a higher f/stop and slower shutter speed when taking pictures so more flesh is in focus. Hehe.

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