08 November 2004

I'm a rollercoaster junkie

Orlando absolutely rocked again. On Saturday the Kennedy Space Centre was just amazing. Today (or Sunday), the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios were just plain fantastic. Although after going on just about every ride there was, and going on "The Hulk" rollercoaster 3 times and the Dueling Dragons rollercoaster twice, I can safely say my voice will not be with me tomorrow (oops, I mean later on today). I wouldn't be surprised if I slept all day through Monday. Hell man, I gotta get to sleep.

P.S. Boss, you were right about the "Chunky Monkey" icecream from Ben and Jerry's. It's awesome!


Anonymous said...

Boss here - YAY! I knew you'd like Chunky Monkey! Well, who doesn't?
Have you had Krisy Kremes yet? All the ppl in your photos look skinny, so maybe they don't have Krispy Kremes in Florida ....
Wow, those pics above are awesome, I've never seen so much body paint before in my life!
So when are you coming back to visit us PK?

PK said...

Heya Boss! Yeah, I had Krispy Kremes in the first week I was here. I was supposed to meet a group of people at some club but I couldn't find it. I did however find a Krispy Kreme store and I drowned my sorrows in donuts there. As for when I'm coming back for a visit? My family is visiting for the next few weeks, and then I have some plans here for Christmas and the New Year. So, I'm thinking early next year.