24 January 2005

A close call

I was setting up my new computer on the weekend, and I nearly lost all my pictures that I've taken so far. Yeah, most of them are on the web but they're not the full resolution pics. Not all of them are backed up yet either. I couldn't find the pics after I did a re-install and I swear to God I was nearly in tears once I realised what I had done. So tonight, the first thing I'm doing is uploading all of the pictures I have to the web and doing massive amounts of backing up *and* creating an automatic backup plan. Geez, I don't want to ever feel like that again.

For the nerds, the computer is ok. AMD Athlon 64 socket 939 3200+ and appropriate motherboard, 1 GB PC3200 RAM (at the moment, more on the way), 160 GB seagate SATA drive, logitech wireless mouse and keyboard, antec sonata quiet case. All that for just over US $600. Not bad I thought. I didn't upgrade the video card - yet. I'll do that once I get an LCD monitor... which won't be for a while yet. Also might upgrade the sound card. We'll see how my current one goes for a little bit.

I was playing Van Halen's "Jump" again last night and the computer is sooooo much more responsive. Hehe.


TVRFreak said...


Maaate!. Welcome to my world where us sysadmins are responsible for Terabytes of backup data - I feel your pain and its great you lost no data too.

Hey man, you have to check out www.keyhole.com, download the keyhole client and be a voyeur from space..

PK said...

Yeah, I don't envy your position in relation to data backup at all.

Oh yeah, Keyhole. I remember Google bought them out sometime ago. At the time I couldn't really use it because my Internet connection was too slow and so was my computer. But now I have a cable connection... and a fast computer... but doh! My video card's fan stopped working I don't know how long ago though, so I don't want to stess the poor thing. Time to get a new video card me thinks.