08 January 2005

It's by the friggin' Monkees!

There have been a few songs bugging me my whole life coz I like them a lot but I don't know who the hell they're by (and I don't know enough of the lyrics to google them). One I don't think I'm ever going to figure out until I actually hear it on some CD coz it's some Spanish song from the mid 80's or something like that. I've just solved the identity of one of the others however. I used to listen to this one when I was in Year 1. Yeah, a long time ago. There was a tape player out in the shed and I used to play this song over and over and then sing it at school. The name of the song is "Listen to the band" by the Monkees. I got it wrong at the time, I used to say "Listen to the fan." It didn't make much sense back at the time, and last week I thought about it again and determined that it must have been "band" instead of "fan". A quick google and a download of the song and voila! Mystery solved.

Today is a good day.


gossy said...

Dude, are you sure you didn't bang your head on something and were suffering concussion when you wrote this entry?

PK said...

Hehe. Perhaps. I'm actually listening to "Turtle Power" at the moment by TMNT/MC Hammer. It must be something worse than concussion I think. ALTHOUGH I did come across a song by the Teen Queens* on my iPod before and it sounded just as shocking now as it did back then.

*I'm absolutely, positively sure this came from a compilation CD.