09 January 2005

A supercharged weekend

NOT! This has been the biggest weekend of nothing I've ever had. I was feeling like crap all of last week at work. I think it *may* have had something to do with my trip over to California. Hmmmm... So I spent the whole weekend recovering in bed. I also discovered cable TV this weekend. Normally, I'd only turn the TV on to watch "The Daily Show" on the Comedy channel (oh, and Reno 911 and Drawn Together). But this weekend I watched the History channel as well and I watched a 3-hour special on stealth technology in the armed forces. Fascinating stuff.

I also spent a lot of time mucking around with my new Razr V3 phone. I've completely Aussied it up. The background is the boxing kangaroo and my ring tone is an mp3 of "Land down under" by Men at Work. Americans just love that stuff, and since coming over here I've become more of a patriotic Aussie anyway. ESPECIALLY since Australia is donating all that money for relief in the Tsunami disaster. Oi! Oi! Oi! (believe it or not, once someone found I was from Australia that's all they would say to me).


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