17 January 2005

Fair dinkum, good work NASA/ESA

Yeah, you can already tell this post is going to be full of all things nerdy. Well, I gotta say it, but hats off to the folks at NASA/ESA/Uni Arizona for getting a space probe to land on Titan. That's just freaking amazing when you consider what must be done to accomplish something like that. I had to laugh though when they only got half the pictures they wanted because someone missed a command. Hehe.

I actually think about that and then I can totally relate to my own programming screw-ups. Hell, I just spent 6 hours fixing up/improving some software I wrote ages ago. If I didn't do that though, I probably would have just sat in my bed watching "My cousin Vinny" followed by "Death to Smoochy". Instead, I feel like I've achieved something today... something I probably should have achieved last week but hey. I was spending too much time rediscovering the Monkees and so forth and when I get nostalgic everything else can go get stuffed.

I went to a really cool party on Saturday night. No rum barrels involved, thank God, but I had a smashingly fun time. It was a girl's 30th birthday and some gay ex-neighbours threw a party for her. Of course, the place was in immaculate condition. It was very, very clean and I have to say very tastefully furnished. My favourite thing though was an old rotary telephone that they actually use. I reckon I might try retrofitting one in my future home. A re-dial function would be pretty cool :-)

Everyone at the party was either married or engaged. Normally I don't mind being the third wheel - I mean a few of my mates back in Australia have girlfriends and so forth so I get pretty used to it. But shit, lately it's just been beyond a joke!

I did meet a nice couple who lived about an hour out of New York city. They were really cool and offered me a place to stay when I go up around that area. Excellent! I'm waiting on some availability for tickets to see the Daily Show. That will pretty much determine when I'll go up that way.

I have a stack more pics to put up yet, but I just can't be arsed using my current computer to do that. I've ordered a new beast which should be arriving this coming week and it'll be ideal for the music stuff I want to do. It's taking a bloody long time to get my music stuff sorted out with all this travelling that keeps getting in the way!

Hmmm, well I'm starting to dribble more than I do in person. I better go to sleep before I send you to sleep.

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