17 January 2005

Things that go bump in the night. And then die.

Right, it's nearly 2:15 am and I'm pissed off. There is something in the exhaust duct of my clothes dryer that keeps on making a tap-thud sound. I heard this sound a few weeks ago but then it stopped. I thought it was the wind at the time and there was some sort of valve that was loose or something but it can't be that tonight because it's as calm as a Hindu cow... and don't get me started on Indians! There are a bunch of them having a party on the floor below me and they've got their freaking balcony door open. I think they work at my company, I'm not sure. It's bloody 2 am in the morning. Shouldn't they be programming or something!?! Bloody hell, I'm trying to get some sleep so I can do good work so I don't become a victim of outsourcing. Jesus!

Sorry, but they've been pissing me off just about as much as tap-thud sound. I've been trying to think of what it is. I'm wondering what stopped the sound last time. Perhaps it just died. It sounds awfully like a frog. But how the hell would a frog get up there? I'm on the top floor, 4 floors up. It could be a super frog or something like that, bred by Frenchies to have really good leg muscles. Maybe it somehow jumped in the exhaust vent for my dryer after having double dare/physical challenges with its Frenchie frog mates to see who could jump over my apartment building.

I can't check to see WTF is going on because there is no way I can look outside.

Maybe the people below sent it on a mission to piss me off.

I was thinking it could be a bird... but it's not chirping.

Oh shit it's really pissing me off now.

That's it. I'm going to wash some towels and dry them on high heat. I'll cook the f&*ker... and then I'm going to get a flamethrower and fry the people downstairs. Check the papers tomorrow.

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