30 January 2005


Err, thought it would be time to update my blog. Well, I've started up tennis again. Yah! I haven't played a game since I got over here and now I plan to make it a weekly thing. I was missing it so, so much. The only sport I've been doing is the odd swim and I don't do it often enough to get anything out of it. Anyway, it's been good to get away from the computer for a while. I sit all day in front of one (which I hate doing... well, all day at least). I hate, hate, hate that part of my job.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that someone had started researching Venus fly traps. I went on a rant about such stuff in this post a while back. The research discusses the mathematics of how the trap operates, but it still leaves open how the hell the plant *actually does it*. The research is here. I only hope I don't look like that guy when I'm talking about Venus fly traps. Actually, I probably look worse since I'm normally intoxicated at the time.

Could you imagine how happy I was when I found this site? Oops, did I just link directly to Salma Hayek? Oh. Heh, they do talk about the famous scene in "From Dusk till Dawn". Hats off. It takes quite a while to read through all the top 100 women (as voted by readers of askmen.com). I found it quite a good idea to have several pictures of each person. Noice. Enjoy guys.

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