17 September 2004


I don't know what the freaking hell is wrong with me (there are probably some people who could give some suggestions... wisearses) but lately I seem not to be able to get to sleep. I've been lying in bed for the last couple of hours trying to get to get some shut-eye but it seems impossible. My mind continues to race. I get up for a bit and play a few chords on guitar, and then I end up wishing I had my piano. Next I'm listening to some songs on my ipod, sampling anything from Rachmaninoff to Roxette to Rammstein. I'm freaking jumping around my apartment like the people in the iPod ads (except to Rach - can't really jump around to classical... at least I haven't yet figured out a way to yet). Why is this? Is it because the succulent, sumptuous, salivacious (???) pork ribs over here are just so good? Is it because the amount of fat in the food I'm eating is much more than it would be over in Oz? But hey - it's all "low carbs"... yeah, whatever that actually means. Take the stairs every once in a while instead of the lift pilgrims. Maybe it's not the food. Maybe it's the humidity. Maybe it's the fact that the air conditioning isn't working properly at work and I'm so bloody cold I have to wear a jacket. Then I get outside and instantly I'm covered in water from condensation. Maybe the sudden changes in temperature are causing the meninge of my brain to expand and contract weirdly which could somehow adversely affect the sleeping centres of my brain, if they're located on the periphery of the brain... which they probably aren't... wtf am I talking about now???

Maybe I can't get to sleep coz I'm looking forward to Christmas tomorrow (or rather, later on today). I ordered a bunch of stuff online on Monday, and I should be receiving it soon. Not getting the stuff instantly gives me time to get over the buyer's remorse so when it finally does arrive I'm as happy as Larry.

I've taken on a promise to myself to not rely on other people as much as I used to. On several occasions now I've changed plans to wait for people who in the end never call to say they'll be late or not even coming. Bastards. That really, really pi$$es me off. Screw 'em, I'll make my plans without them.

And... how the heck do venus fly traps work? And why am I asking that question when I'm not even drunk? People answer that by saying 'the doomed insect stimulates the cilia-like hairs which causes the trap to shut'. That ain't enough I'm sorry. I think I concluded last time by saying that the stimulation of the hair may cause a cell laden with a saltier-than-normal substance to release said substance. It could also be less saltier than normal too I guess. Through osmosis and some sort of cascade effect enough water gets moved around which causes the trap to shut. That's probably utter B.S. and I should really do some reading to find the true answer. Maybe then I could sleep...


Anonymous said...

It's probably the drugs, dude. You should lay off them for a little while, hey?

PK said...
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PK said...

Hah! I think it's the drugs I SHOULD be taking that's the problem :-)