07 September 2004

Thank god for (insert your favourite mp3 player here)

If you have one, I guess that is. I'm amazed it took me this long to get one. I gots me a new 40GB iPod yesterday and I friggen love it. I've been walking around everywhere listening to my music collection, probably looking like a bit of a wankerchop, but oh well. I also realised how disorganised my mp3 collection was. A lot of the mp3 tags are all screwed up and iTunes reorganised the directory structure... shit. Now I don't know where a lot of my music is hidden. I've half filled my iPod already and have currently around 4000 songs to choose from. Would you believe *most* of them are actually legit? I forgot some of the music I had, which was probably a good thing. I think my mind was actually protecting me in some way by doing that. Ooh - INXS is playing. Gotta love that shuffle function :-)

Whilst I was couped up in the Sheraton hotel on the weekend I got the opportunity to meet a few new people. A couple of them were from Jamaica, and hearing them say "three" as "tree" and "theatre" as "tear-ter" cracked me up mun. I hope to catch up with them when/if I go to Jamaica, or at least I could get some good advice on where to go.

Ooh - "Run Away" by the Real McCoy is playing. Ahh the memories...

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