30 September 2004

A bit cryptic this one...

Well, this has been a pretty weird week. The *big* thing that happened this week has caused me to seriously think about where I'm going to be and what the hell I'm going to be doing in the near future... coz I sure as hell don't have a freaking clue at the moment. Some people would think 'dude, you're ok - nothing happened to you', but that's just it - now I don't know when it will happen. I know I can't believe anyone's promises to the contrary, because they seem to have very little control over the situation anyway. Am I being cryptic enough yet? Some people reading this would know what I'm talking about... I just want to get up, walk away, and not come back.

Apart from that, I've had Avis contact me today and say that because I haven't submitted a copy of my US license yet that I'm going to have to return the car tomorrow. Thus they completely ignored my e-mail days and days ago when I said I won't be getting a copy to them in time because I only just received my social security card (I received it late... probably because of the FREAKING HURRICANES???), and the earliest time I could book in a license exam was early October. So, I sent them the exact same e-mail I sent last time. I ain't returning the car. Sheesh, some people have been here for a LOT longer than I have and they haven't even made any attempt to get a license yet!!! Legally I'm obliged to drive on my Australian license for 6 months anyway.

On top of that, I was told if I didn't return a certain form then I'd get my overseas adjustment payments cut off. I was told at the start I didn't have to fill out that form. Maybe I'm on the wrong list somewhere. What gives? Is someone just trying to piss me off?

Other than that? Heck, I dunno. I just ordered 4 books from Amazon: Chain of Command, The second world war, The first world war AND A daily show book, because God damn, I love the Daily Show.

Has anyone ever noticed that when Dave Chappelle tries to look like a white man, he looks a bit like Dave Grohl?

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