02 September 2004

Hurricane Frances

This thing is bloody HUGE with a 185 mile radius, which is quite unbelieveable. Coverage on this hurricane is on every channel there is, and at work yesterday the *only* thing I heard people talking about was the hurricane - where they were going to get enough wood to shore up their houses, making sure they had enough supplies, where their evacuation zones were. Theoretically, I should be at work today. However, the office has been closed down for today and possibly tomorrow. Given that it's also the labor day weekend over here, that's 5 days I've potentially got off. I have to find some good reading material I think...

I know that if it does hit this far south, which seems like a possibility, then I sure as hell ain't staying in my apartment. I'm on the top floor (number 4) and am located right on the corner. I'm practically in the most exposed position you could get. Yes, there will be shutters being put up and yes the glass is shatter proof but I don't know how much safer that really makes me feel up here. So, I'm going to shack up in a hotel with some friends for the weekend. Plus, they've got back-up power generators there (I haven't heard about any for here yet) so that'd be handy for keeping up to date on stuff.

I've bought enough supplies to keep me going for a few days. That's about half a supermarket, but hey. No really, I do have to go buy some more though.

Well, I'd better get going and sort some stuff out. I'll see if I can fit in another update post before too long. Meanwhile, you can go check out this site for an image loop, and this site for an update on the expected path of Hurricane Frances (click on the link called 'maps and charts').


Nav said...


Seriously though, have you seen the movie 'a perfect storm'? I suggest you rent that out. It can go on the 'PK's list of inappropriate DVD choices' along with a certain other spanish flick.... ;-)

TVRFreak said...

Hi, Kristian its Iceman, we have to catch up next when you are in Australia so I can share some more TopGears.. love your blog - keep safe and avoid those strong winds :-).

You have inspired me to greatness so now I am working on my own TVR obsessive blog =>


Why didnt I do this ages ago?... lazyness I guess!

PK said...

Navski - that's some seriously funny shite! Yeah, that spanish flick would've been appropriate any other time... ahh well, I may have helped speed up the process...

TvrFreak - good to hear! I'll have to go check out your blog.