15 September 2004

More pics pics pics

Quick update: I've put up some of the pics from the Keys and some stuff from hurricane Frances. There ain't a heck of a lot there (I think I've got more somewhere...), and I couldn't think of any decent comments for some of them, but hey you're reading this so you've obviously got nothing better to do anyway. Knock yerself out, yeeharrr! The Keys, Hurricane Frances

What - you want more? Ok. I've uploaded some movies to my Ozemail account. I've got two from the time I saw the booty shaking at the Clevelander in Miami's South Beach. The other one is from the visit to the Everglades. All of them don't have sound, sorry. For the Clevelander movies, put some RnB music on. For the Everglades movie, put your lips together and blow. Add a "whoa!" at the end when you see the camera shaking a bit (that's me trying to hold onto the camera). The movies are in Quicktime format so you'll need the player from Apple to view them. Also, if you can't download the movies that's probably because Ozemail have reached their download limit for the day. This is probably not much more than the 10MB space limit they give me. Cheap bastards. Try downloading them again another day.

Clevelander 1 - disabled
Clevelander 2 - disabled
Everglades - disabled

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